Inkwell Ideas Magic Item Card Catalog Deluxe Collection (5e) [並行輸入品] [00013583] - 13775円 : メンズファッション, レディース腕時計, レディースファッション, メンズスニーカー -

Inkwell Ideas Magic Item Card Catalog Deluxe Collection (5e) [並行輸入品]


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Cards for nearly all the wondrous items. potions. rings. rods. staves. wands. scrolls. weapons. and armor in the 5th edition of the core book for game masters of the world's best known role-playing game! This is 9 decks of a series of magic item cards. One side of each card has a beautiful. painted style illustration of the item. the other side has the item's game rules for use with the 5th edition of the best-known fantasy RPG. Hand them out to players as they gain the items for easy reference and/or use them to keep track of which character is holding what. This collection has all three Wondrous Item decks. a deck of Potions & Rings. a deck of Rods. Staves. Wands. & Scrolls. a deck of Armor and Weapons (one card for each weapon or armor type such as dagger. long sword. leather armor. scale mail. etc.). a deck of all the specialized armors (demon armor. mithral chain mail. mithral plate. etc.) a deck of all the specialized weapons (luck blade. nine lives stealer. etc.). and a deck of extras of the most popular magic items
All 9 Decks in the full series: Armors of Note; Magic Armors & Weapons; Weapons of Note; Books. Clothing. & Containers (Wondrous Items); Jewelry & Instruments (Wondrous Items); Other Wondrous Items; Rods. Staves. Wands. & Scrolls; Potions & Rings; Popular Items;
Printed in the USA
Individual decks do not have boxes. however item comes with one sturdy box to hold all decks.
468 item cards - one card for each item in the main game master's book. Plus extra item cards for popular items.